Click the “Buy Now” button on the artwork page to initiate a conversation with the seller. Within 1–3 days, you will receive the artist/gallery’s response, sent from their GGP email address. Once the price and shipping are finalized, the artist/gallery will issue an invoice and request for you to complete payment electronically or through a wire. Artists/galleries will also estimate additional costs, such as shipping and framing. GGP does not charge commissions on purchased artworks.

Information on the pricing of artworks is listed at each artist/ gallery’s discretion. You will see that some artworks have a specific price listed whereas others prefer to share pricing information only upon request. For final pricing information, please place an inquiry on the artwork by selecting the “Buy Now” button.

Each purchased artwork on GGP will include certificates of authenticity, documentation from an artist’s studio, estate or foundation, a complete provenance history of the artwork, and images of signatures and stamps that may be present on the piece.

The return policy for an artwork is stipulated by the artist/gallery and must be discussed with them. GGP does not coordinate returns or refunds of any purchases made through the platform.

If you are interested in selling, please email providing more information about consigning artworks with us.

At this time, GGP does not offer appraisal and authentication services to individual sellers.



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