Sgomento: Marco Pio Mucci

Italian artist Mucci

Italian young artist Marco Pio Mucci shares some details about his participation to the Zimei Foundation’s residency program, MucciComics and a relaxing self-portraying sculpture.

When Massimiliano Scuderi, curator at Zimei Foundation, contacted me, I had just launched MucciComics. MucciComics is my independent publishing house, through which I developed a first project with Matteo Pomati called Sgomento. These are basically stories written and illustrated by me, with editing and lettering by Matteo. For each issue we invite an artist to design the cover, and for the first, “Il futuro è nel pistachio” (The Future Is in the Pistachio), we asked Jared Madere.

For the second issue, we had the welcome opportunity to produce and launch it through the Zimei Foundation’s residency program. Matteo and I invited Gianluca Belloni, cofounder of Armada, but he wanted to have more input than just the cover, so he took part in the whole project, deciding to cut out a rectangular portion in the middle of all the pages and insert a rosary. I didn’t have much money for the second issue (I spend a lot to live), so it was lucky for us to have a budget from the Foundation. I went to Pescara to visit their spaces on a hot day in August, together with Massimiliano and Sabrina Zimei, the head of the Foundation. It is a three-story modernist villa built by Sabrina’s father. In the large garden I was captivated by an abandoned ruby-shaped pool.Scuderi spoke to me about Maschile Romantico, my first solo show at Armada, and my self-portrait that was in it. After agreeing to produce Sgomento #2, he mentioned that I should consider making an exhibition out of it. That evening, after having eaten arrosticini in the wonderful Grand Hotel Adriatico, Sabrina’s hotel, Massimiliano and I went to the sea to drink whiskey. Here I conceived an artwork suitable for the pool at the Foundation: a sculpture, a self-portrait, immersed in the water with its elbows resting on the edge.

In Milan I made the exhibition invitation using a photo that I took of my mother. This picture was taken in the same period that I was drawing the “asphalt” series, the dilapidated roads of southern Italy. In October I went back to Pescara with Matteo, where we produced Sgomento #2, which we will launch in Milan before Christmas.

During the residency, we had the opportunity to have long talks with Peter Fend, who had previously exhibited at the Foundation and was staying there at that time. It was great to speak with an artist of his generation: late into the night he told us lots of amazing stories about his traveling companions, including Gordon Matta-Clark and Richard Prince. The last evening before the opening of my show, after having headed off to his room to go to sleep, he returned to tell us: “Never give up!”

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