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Alessandro Carano – TINA (There Is No Alternative)

Alessandro Carano – Tomorrow

Alessandro Carano – Turn a cross blue

Alessandro Carano – Yesterday

Alexander Heffesse – Intent of Trees 1.1

Alexander Heffesse – Intent of Trees 3.1

Andrew Ross – Get Well

Andrew Ross – Hallmark

Andrew Ross – Repose

Andrew Ross -Lazy Boy

Andrew Ross -The Medium

Bea Bonafini- Nit Comb, Neolithic


Caroline Mesquita – Football Table

Dean Levin – Blue in Black

Dean Levin – Settle down easy

Dean Levin – The sky was yellow and the sun was blue

Elizabeth Atterbury – Let it go, let it go, let it go (1/1)

Elizabeth Atterbury – Long Life (Noodle Bowl)

Jan Kiefer – Bernhard, with Othmar Farré

Jan Kiefer – Käse Kasten

Jan Kiefer – Standard Type 01

Jan Kiefer – Standard Type 02

Jason Gomez – Another Vanity

Jason Gomez – Leg Log

Jason Gomez – Leg Log II

Jason Gomez – Species unknown (Stanophea)

Jason Gomez – Untitled (METAPHORS ARE AMONG US),

Jeanne Briand – Bulky sonotone for jellyfsh (unpaired)

Jeanne Briand – Chromo Turbo (Pair)

Jeanne Briand – PROX •-• IMITY

Jeanne Briand – Proximity Max

Jeanne Briand – Proximity Max (antelope)

Marcin Dudek – Basic Fit

Marcin Dudek – Event III

Marcin Dudek – Event VIII

Marcin Dudek – Event XI